Product Development | Design Verification | Customer Oriented Design



 Excellent Product Development System


We employ ISO 9001:2000 principles throughout the proposal, approval, planning, execution, and evaluation phases of the product development cycle to create reliable products that fulfill market needs and exceeds customer expectations.





 Effective Product Development Process


R&D Plan

Our experienced product designers use CAD/CAE/CAM tools and a solid theoretical and practical foundation to design products that comply with customer needs. We employ Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) in our design and production processes to ensure our products are tested problem free and ready for market.


Project Management Team Hydraulic Design Magnetic Field Design
FEMA Modeling Structural Analysis





 Comprehensive Design Verification  [TOP]


Lifetime Test

· Design Verification
· Durability Tests
· Tests adverse operating conditions such as high Temperature, high pressure, and cavitation


Pressure Tests

· Static Hydraulic Tests
· Maximum test pressure 40 bar
· Maximum test temperature 90 ℃


Performance Tests

· Computerized Test platform
· Conforms with ISO 9906 Pump Test Specifications
· Closed Loop Testing System
· Can measure flow rate, head, power, efficiency, NPSHr, RPM, and vibration






 Customer Oriented Design[TOP]


At ASSOMA, our customer-oriented research and development team continuously improve our products and developing new products to meet customer needs. Our products have received multiple worldwide patents:


Dry-Run capability for Seal-less pumps

We employ a dual channel circulation loop to achieve effective cooling during dry-running to reduce the pump’s equilibrium temperature.

Thrust Buffer System

A dual functional system that not only absorbs vibrations and shock during abnormal operation but also ensures a flat contact between the thrust and wear rings to improve durability and reduce wear.

Rigid Securing Bracket

Traditional brackets can deform easily from pressure within the filter chamber. Our securing bracket is specifically designed to structurally withstand the tensile forces from the cover fasteners, greatly reducing deformation, providing a secure, leak-free seal.

Dispersion Type Cartridge Piping

Evenly distributed flow pattern regulates the flow rate within the filter chamber, increasing filtration efficiency and reducing cartridge failure.