New Product Introduction


In response to global environmental and energy concerns and our hi-tech customer’s continued demands for non-polluting processes, we have developed two new lines of products: the AVF variable frequency pumps and the AME series of PFA lined pumps.

The AVF Series inverter controlled canned motor pump has integrated mechanical and electrical functionality that the industry demands. These functionalities include:


1. A strong permanent magnet canned motor design that has efficiencies surpassing IE3 motor standards

2. Specially designed driver with highly effective mechanical and electrical integration

3. Uses frequency control to fine-tune the production process resulting in a highly stable production quality

4. Integrated communications interface, suitable for use with automatic control systems

5. Soft start, soft stop functions with self-protecting capabilities

6. Casing coated with ETFE fluorocarbon resin for corrosion resistance

7. Both motor and inverter has protection class of IP66

8. Fan-less design, with low noise and no secondary pollution


With global emphasis placed on reducing carbon footprint, the AVF pumps not only play a role in satisfying energy conservation needs, but also in transforming industry development, and customer satisfaction.


The AME series of PFA-lined chemical process magnetic drive pump is designed with both purity and strength in mind. The pumps conform to ISO and ANSI design standards and include the following features:

1. The corrosion resistant PFA lining can withstand a temperature in excess of 150℃, suitable for use in the petrochemical and fine chemical industries

2. Made using of high purity PFA material, the pumps are suitable for use on critical semiconductor and TFT/LCD processes that require zero contamination

3. Optimized flow path and structural design with high efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance

4. Rated performance of 2,500 lpm, 40 m head. Maximum of up to 40 Hp