ASSOMA AVF Pump wins 21st Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award


We are honored to be a recipient of the 21st Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award (link in Chinese), an elite and prestigious national award that recognizes 30 of the best innovations by Taiwan’s small and medium enterprises. The product that brought us this honor is our AVF-Series variable frequency canned motor pump. This pump has several features that solves several common problems faced by the traditional chemical pump and its value is very well received by the marketplace.


What is the Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award?

The Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award is organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to “politically create a climate promoting innovative R&D”. 30 innovations are selected from hundreds of entries that cover several categories: product, technology, production process, process flow, and service (technical services, knowledge services, and business services). The innovations under consideration must be in commercial use or being mass produced with a proven track/sales record. The innovations must also be developed with R&D expenses of no less than 2% of the company’s net sales revenue. Innovations that qualify undergo three elimination rounds plus an on-site inspection, before a committee votes on the top innovations.



ASSOMA INC. is a chemical pump designer and manufacturer based in Taiwan. Our products are designed with the customer in mind and the resulting solutions has earned us several utility patents (patents for invention) in multiple countries. Our products have also won us three Taiwan SMEs Innovation Awards over the years.