ASSOMA INC. Laboratory receives ISO/IEC 17025 Certificate


Overview of ASSOMA INC. Laboratory


The ASSOMA INC. Laboratory was established in 2014 as part of our effort to provide better service to our customers. The laboratory helps address some of the common problems faced by pump buyers:
1) How to verify the performance of the pumps against the manufacturer’s guarantee?
2) How to make sure the performance data they received can be trusted?
3) Where to obtain a certified pump performance report required by certain companies or by government agencies?


Quality Management System

To ensure pump test reports generated by ASSOMA INC. comply with international standards and promote the credibility of our test reports, we have established the ASSOMA INC. Laboratory in accordance to ISO/IEC 17025 testing and calibration standard (Quality System) to perform the most representative product testing items. Our laboratory is (TAF) approved, which brings our quality system to the next level and elevate the abilities of our test laboratory.

Mission and Scope

(1) Perform pump testing services for ASSOMA INC. as well as products for other customers.
(2) Scope of services: performance testing for pumps.
(3) Testing will be conducted within our testing facilities. We are not equipped to perform tests outside of our laboratory.

Certificate Number : L2836-140121